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We manufacture labels and supply ribbons for direct thermal and thermal transfer printers from all the major printer manufacturers. The labels can be made of paper or synthetic material in any size of your choice. Paper labels are ideal for most warehousing and shipping applications applications, polyesters are suitable for asset tags and electronic parts marking, polyesters with a freezer adhesive are used for pharmaceutical and laboratory applications, kimdura for nursery tags that can be exposed to moisture, etc. Please check a complete list of our current sizes Label Sizes for which we have stock labels or can make them on short notice. You may, request a Quote for labels in a custom size/material.

Our ribbons can be used with any choice of label/tag materials (paper, polyester, kimdura, polypropylene, etc.) printed using thermal printers from all the major manufacturers (Cognitive, Datamax, Eltron, Intermec, Sato, Zebra). Ribbons must be matched to the material that you use. Generally, wax ribbons are used with paper, wax/resin ribbons are used with synthetic materials with a matte finish (e.g. kimdura) and resin ribbons for synthetic materials with a glossy finish (e.g. white polyester). In addition to ribbons from the printer manufacturers, please check this Complete Ribbon List for prices on case quantity prices. Prices for broken cases are a little higher.
In our list you might find many different formulations for the same type of ribbon. For instance, some wax ribbons are are good for faster print rates, while others produce more smudge proof images. Likewise, the proportion of wax and resin can vary in wax/resin ribbons to accommodate different materials. Please feel free to consult our knowledgeable sales people to determine the ribbons that will be suitable for your application.