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Windows CE/Pocket PC Portable Data Collectors

These are available in many different form factors - Pistol grip or PDA style, with or without an integrated scanner. Typically they have a graphics display that is 1/4 VGA size, i.e. 240 x 320 pixels. The memory typically ranges from 32Mb to 64Mb. You can select either color or monochrome display, batch collection or RF capable, etc. You can input information using a stylus and in most cases a built-in keyboard. The keyboard could be numeric or alphanumeric. Examples of these are Symbol's MC3000, MC9000; Intermec's Series 700, 720, 730, CN2, CN30; PSC's

DOS Based Data Collectors

These are traditional key based portable data collectors that are available with or without an integrated scanner. These come in different number of keys - 22 key, 35-key, 46-key, etc. The display allows you to display only text and the number of lines of text generally varies between 4 and 8. The memory typically varies from 512K to 7.6M. The portables are available for batch as well as wireless operation. Some of the portables are have pistol grips. These devices are time tested and very robust. Examples of these are Symbol's PDT 3100, PDT 6100; PSC Falcon, etc.

Palm OS Data Collectors

These are graphic PDA style portable data collectors that use the Palm Operating System. Different versions are available for batch and RF applications. that are available with or without an integrated scanners. Information is entered using the scanner and stylus but in some cases an optional keypad is available. A few data-collection programs, such as On Hand are available off-the-shelf but most applications are custom developed. Examples of these are Symbol's SPT1500, SPT1700/1800.

Other Key based Portable Data Collectors

There are other key based portables that use a proprietary Operating System and Development Systems. These are available with an integrated laser or CCD scanner. Most of these portables come with development tools that you can use to develop your application. Alternatively, you can have us develop custom applications. Examples of these are Metrologic ScanPal 2; Opticon PHL-2700, OPL 9723/9724/9725.